During these uncertain times, we are continuously following advisories by Health Canada, Regional Health, WHO and the CDC and updating our Health & Safety Policy as necessary.

Updated November 21st 2020.


Company Policy for our Professional Photographers

  • The photographer has not experienced virus symptoms or experienced any type of illness in the 2 weeks prior to the photo shoot

  • The photographer has not travelled internationally in the past 2 weeks

  • The photographer regularly washes their hands AND uses hand sanitizer and/or alcohol spray prior and following the photo shoot

  • The photographer will wear a non-medical mask during the shoot

  • Following Public health guidelines, photographers will not shake hands or touch as a greeting and will maintain social distancing of at least 2 metres at any given time

  • The photographer WILL NOT touch or move anything in the home  (e.g. light switches, window coverings, internal doors, pillows, furniture, decor, shoes etc.) - they will shoot it AS-IS on arrival

Expectations Of Homeowners/Tenants/Agent

  • Owner/Tenant/Agent to vacate the premises during the shoot

  • Pets to be removed or in an area not being photographed

  • Please inform us if anyone in the household has experienced any illness or symptoms in the past 2 weeks

  • Please inform us if anyone in the household travelled internationally in the past 2 weeks

  • Home to be de-cluttered and cleaned/sanitized before the photo shoot 

  • Turn on all lights including lamps prior to the photographers arrival and ensure all toilet seats are down

  • Open all inside doors to areas to be photographed (we will NOT open any internal doors)

  • Air conditioning/heat/fans ON and fresh airflow in the property

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the above policy is not followed, the photography session may be aborted at the discretion of the photographer and billed accordingly. 


See for useful photography preparation tips.

This policy may change at anytime without further notice to abide all laws and/or advisories issued.

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Images by John Hanson

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