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John is an award-winning self-proclaimed 'urban explorer' and commercial photographer specializing in Magazine Style Photography.  John was born in Carbonear located on a cold rock at the most eastern part of Canada in the late 70's. He moved to England at a young age to warm up and complete his education before moving back to Canada for a second round.

On return, he spent over a decade in the hospitality industry in senior operations roles where he developed his savvy business sense. That knowledge proved priceless and in 2017 he developed Images by John Hanson as a showcase for his creative and commercial projects. That same year he launched a B2B real estate division to host Real Estate Tours Canada (previously Real Estate Tours Ontario - RETO), an interactive online property virtual tour platform utilizing the latest technology for agents and brokers. In early 2018, John Hanson expanded the business yet again, this time globally. A new venture into affordable photographic and digital options for cruise lines, international hotels and resorts to showcase their rooms and amenities.

In 2020, Images by John Hanson launched a new Marketing and Branding division to assist clients with their marketing collateral and online presence. In addition ImageShare Network was developed as a multi-media marketplace for clients and industry experts to connect through the a 'one-stop shop'. Days before the COVID-19 Pandemic shut-down much of the country, John quickly added Matterport Technology to deliver 3D Virtual Tours in order to maintain social distancing and ensure economic continuity under the essential service provision. It was a pure success.


What started as a part-time hobby shooting abandoned buildings on the weekend has grown to a full-time multi-media and marketing brand with over 550+ clients and growing since October 2017. Despite incredible growth, John personally shoots every single project to ensure consistency and delivering the 5-star experience for his loyal client-base.

John's go-to real estate photography set-up includes the Nikon D780FX coupled with the Sigma 14-24 f2.8. To keep it all steady and inplace, he trusts the Manfrotto Pro-Series tripods topped with a MHX-Pro Geared Head. Finally the software behind the scenes in the digital 'dark-room'...well that is a secret that he will never share...however he is responsible for personally editing 99.9% of all his work :)

When not working 80+ hours a week, John can be found somewhere in Muskoka camping/glamping or on a road-trip somewhere lost in Ontario with his family and a camera.

© 2020 Images by John Hanson

Images by John Hanson

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